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first time in the company of a gorgeous Bangkok Phuket Shemale, Ladyboy Escort ???

We’re so happy that you want to meet us and thank you for checking out our site before you take your first plunge into the deliciously sexy and glamorous world of Bangkok Shemale Escorts. We understand that you might be a little nervous and perhaps hesitant about taking this adventurous step, but then again you are a very adventurous type of guy and this is just the kind of adventure you crave isn’t it? .

The first thing you are probably trying to understand is why is it you have this new and unexpected interest in being with a Ladyboy, well my daring friend there is no single answer to that, we are all very different and many different men have `discovered` the wonderful joys of being with a LadyBoy and they have as many different reasons for their desires. But one thing they all share is a definite lust for life and a sophisticated appetite for the world of love.

One thing is for sure and that is when you meet your first Shemale companion, your reasons will not be the most important thing of interest to her. It is your desires and needs that she will be most interested in. By her very nature, the Transsexual Girl understands that the world is a broad and complex place and that our only duty is to make the most of this life and enjoy the world and everything in it.

But what of the girls themselves? How do they feel and what are their needs? Well, in general terms most Ladyboys feel born in the wrong body and as a result they devote themselves to living their lives in as feminine and womanly fashion as they can and this in turn is what makes Shemales so very attractive to many men.

In her desire to live as a woman a Ladyboy or Shemale will be more feminine, dress moreexcitingly, move more gracefully and generally be more sexily gorgeous than any ordinary girl. This is the central basis of the Transsexual Girls attraction. She is a kind of `Super Woman`.

Not all Shemales are the same of course. Some of us prefer to live our lives simply dressing as a woman, others desire a little augmentation and will take the step breast enhancement (often with stunning results darling as you will find out).

Many, though they `feel` completely female also love their `little extras` and could not imagine life or love without them and some of us even make a complete transformation and become completely female. What is true for almost all of us however is that we are all in our hearts women and love to live as a woman and we love...oh yes...we LOVE men.

So remember, when you meet your first Bangkok Shemale companion, treat her absolutely as the beautiful woman that she is, and she will treat you as every man deserves and desires to be treated, because after all, we Shemales know how to do that better than any ordinary girl.

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